Make Campus

It’s the creative “think tank”, where tradition and innovation communicate and contaminate themselves, with a vision towards the future. It’s the place where Artisans and Managers meet young talents to hand down their abilities and precious knowledge, in order to help them materialize their dream.

Make in Italy

Evolution from classical Made in Italy to Innovative Make in Italy.

Make in Italy means giving value to the know-how, now! Reconceptualize the traditional Made in Italy, completing it with the modern values of a smart company, which benefits from the use of modern digital tools.

The Make Manager

A nonexistent job, is now a reality.

The bridge of continuity between past and present, between old knowledge and modern competence, in order to give life to the future Make Manager: a new professional figure, entrenched in the artisan Italian tradition, who is also able to move freely in the global and technological market thanks to his managerial skills.

The Campus


An historical Tuscan residence in Chiusi, in the province of Siena, has become a Campus, and it was previously a college. The accurate works of renovation intended to give a cultural and a forward-looking identity to the Campus. The territory is rich of excellences and manufacturing tradition: Tuscany has always been a region where the “know-how” is fundamental.

Ambassadors of the Italian Know-How


Students will be able to “plunge in” a complete educative experience, because they will live and study in the same building, together with their classmates and they will interact with Italian Master Artisans, real excellences of made in Italy. Young talents, Ambassadors of the Italian Know-How in the World!