The Antonio Lombardi Onlus Foundation

Youngsters, Work, Italy

The Foundation is created with the intent to follow the spirit of philanthropy shown by Antonio Lombardi and to build and promote his values, like education, support and Made in Italy tradition.



“I want young people to understand that they must be the creators of changes in our Country!”


The Foundation means to enhance talented youngsters, who wish to accomplish the goals they both share: city, work and territory development.


“What’s left of our Country? We should demand our businessmen some sense of pride, an Italian Pride!”


The Foundation intends to preserve, enrich and promote the Italian historical patrimony , both tangible and intangible ones. It wishes to promote the circulation of ideas and knowledge in order to favour international competition between people.

Make Campus

It’s the creative “think tank”, where tradition and innovation communicate and contaminate themselves, with a vision towards the future. It’s the place where Artisans and Managers meet young talents to hand down their abilities and precious knowledge, in order to help them materialize their dream.


Hand over the technical know-how, patrimony of our country. From the “Masters” to the Youngsters.

Enhance and make their competences international.

Encourage talent, retrieve old traditions which are recognized and appreciated all over the world.

The Foundation, in order to reach its goals, will use private funds according to its statute of freedom and autonomy.