Our Mission

We believe the human capital to be the essential and main resource for the development of a company.

Our Values


We are proud to have built a traditional family Company whose goal is to produce sustainable values.

Since its foundation, the Lombardi family has shown a continuous commitment towards the Company and a special attention towards his employees, in order to guarantee mutual trust, safety and dedication.


Everyone can make a difference, if he shows his personality and his potential.

We want to establish relations among people, built on a mutual consideration of our values. We encourage our employees to become real businessmen: dynamism, autonomy, initiative, creativity, intuition, an inclination to innovation, being able to catch an opportunity and making it real; all these characteristics allow any person to distinguish himself both in a work environment and in everyday life.

Sartorial background

We know every situation is different, and there is not one answer for everything.

Our custom design approach, a Made in Italy inheritance, is constantly developing in order to satisfy our clients. Made in Italy means excellence and we want to keep it alive and spread it across the World. The old generation must impart its Italian know-how to the future generation, which must nourish it with creativity and passion.