Magister Group, why?

We believe that Talent is an essential value that must be found, supported, fed and stimulated.

Our talents must be followed, from the moment they begin a new job, from an internal or external educator who can help them express their full potential.

The employees must always be accompanied through their path of growth, until they are fully ready to go on their own. Their professional and personal growth is constant and the career path is linear.

The collaboration among colleagues and the synergy between the companies of the group allow fruitful and productive contamination and continuous incentives to achieve the success for the company and the person.

We want our employees to succeed, in order to become businessmen of themselves and, maybe in the future, share their qualities with the businessmen of tomorrow.

Work with us

We always look for talented person who can share our values and our philosophy, in a young and ever-evolving environment and who constantly want to learn and better themselves. We do not want them to be jealous of their knowledge, we want them to pass them down and to put themselves on the line, if needed.

We are waiting for you in our team!

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Andrea Pettinelli
Ali Professional Manager

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Anna Scuotto
Active Policy Manager

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Simone Testa,
Eleonora Cavaliere,
Francesco Busacchio

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Giandomenico Digilio,
Elena Donati
District Manager

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Emanuele Bardazzi
Development Manager in Lombardy

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Federica Seregni
District Manager

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Stefania Gavazzi
Development Manager in Emilia Romagna

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Fabio Falsini
Human Resources Manager

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Claudia Soavi
Account Manager

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