Our Businesses

Being part of Magister Group means entrusting a Top Multiservice HR Group.


Ali lavoro

The work, our passion

Ali was one of the first 10 Employment Agencies to obtain the Ministerial Authorization to temporary employment services, and is now the benchmark for the world of work. Provision of employment services, Research & Selection, Active Policies are our business core, and we have more than 40 branches all over Italy.


Labor B

People Strategy Advisor

Compagnia dei Salari Srl, the staff management society founded in 2000, has turned into Labor B Srl in 2017. One HR consultant who can offer a complete consultancy in the human resources field. We help both companies and businessmen to maximize their business, respecting their business background and their cultural model.



We build your path, together

Yous was born in 2015 and validated in Regione Lombardia and in Fondo Forma.Temp. Yous Srl offers services for people who are actively looking for a job, and constantly tries to help employees and employers. Yous is also an educational institution that organizes classes all over Italy, which are intended to expand the employees’ professional expertise.



Avagliano Editore

Reading the past, writing the future

Founded in 1982, Avagliano Editore Srl publishes historical and literary essays about Southern Italy. Later on, it starts to publish narrative, biographies and essays, and it also adds to its collection some contemporary poetry and modern publications. Every year, with the “Premio Nanà: Nuovi scrittori per l’Europa”, it awards new modern publications, and the judges of this award are also students from some Italian primary schools


Edizioni Lavoro

The pleasure of reading, the strength of communicating

Edizioni Lavoro Srl was born in 1982 thanks to a management group in Cisl. Since its beginning, it started to show the problems inside the world of work, the economy, the society, and it later expanded its fields of interest: multiculturalism, historical studies, human right essays and general considerations on modern subject matters.



Repas Lunch Coupon

More value to your meal voucher

Repas Lunch Coupon Srl was born in 1987, and is today a leader in the meal voucher section in South Italy, where it cooperates with different local businesses. We are today expanding more and more, both in private and in public businesses all over Italy.


Nanà Vini e Cucina

The passion for food, the love for our land

The love for Italian culture and cuisine lead Antonio Lombardi to open Nanà in 2005, an Italian restaurant situated in the historical centre of Rome, near the Trevi Fountain and the Quirinale, in a suggestive square in Via della Panetteria.



Fresh. Sustainable. Natural.

The aim of Waterhouse is to become the market leader in the distribution of fish products and to develop brands that are able to establish themselves in the aquaculture, fourth range and retail markets.

The quality of our products is based on a constant work of research and development that brings continuous innovation in the field. We guarantee reliable and efficient solutions.